Terms & conditions

Your reciprocal rights of access to international clubs are determined by your current membership access category. You are entitled up to thirty (30) International Passport visits per calendar year in accordance with your membership type.
Fees applicable for International Passport are in addition to a member’s normal monthly dues (where applicable). Please check with your local club for details.
If you are relocating internationally or require more than 30 visits during the calendar year, please contact your local clubs and we will be happy to advise you the best membership option to suit your needs.
Your Fitness First membership must be live for the duration of the International Passport. A membership which is frozen, in arrears or due to lapse within the proposed duration of the passport is not considered ‘live’ in this instance.
You must present your validated original International Passport, along with your membership card at each visit to an international club. If no Passport is presented, then full guest fee applies.
Local club membership rules apply which may restrict access. For all enquiries, please contact your nearest club
Your original membership agreement (“OMA”) will still be applicable.